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Sumy, Ukraine March 31, 2022 Dr. Andrii Klietsov sheltering with his family while being interviewed by Dr. Steve Weinrauch. via Dr. Andrii Klietsov

We have heard countless heartbreaking stories stemming from the invasion of Ukraine. We have seen how war and human conflict does not limit its effects to people but also their beloved pets — pets who give love without judgment. Innumerable veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and pharmacies have been destroyed in the conflict. Those that remain have scarce resources, medications, and care providers. Many refugees have been forced to leave their beloved pets as they fled their homes.

In the midst of sudden loss and sadness, we have been hearing stories that exemplify the strength of love and commitment to pets from the Ukrainian veterinary community, where veterinarians and their staff are risking their lives to save beloved pets.

As a community of pet-passionate human beings, we are stronger (and louder) together.

In solidarity with the veterinary community and support for the people and pets of Ukraine, Trupanion is proud to organize Paws For Ukraine, a fundraising initiative in partnership with MightyVet. We are raising funds to help provide resources including access to pet food, medical supplies and medication, and helping to reunite pets with their owners. Join the effort!

Sumy, Ukraine March 31, 2022 Dr. Andrii Klietsov sheltering with his family while being interviewed by Dr. Steve Weinrauch. via Dr. Andrii Klietsov

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Strength in Sumy

A virtual awareness event

Hear from a veterinarian and his family as they discuss their experiences during the war in Ukraine.

Stories from the ground

Sumy, Ukraine March 15, 2022 Dr. Andrii Klietsov, whose entire staff is now sheltering, treating pets with the help of his only makeshift staff, his 9-year-old daughter, in the Russian-occupied town of Sumy. He is currently without electricity and supplies.
Estonia March 24, 2022 Part One: Dr. Steve Weinrauch, Trupanion's Chief Product Officer, checked-in with Dr. Anastasiia Shypgunova, a veterinarian from Kyiv. She shares how she's carrying the guilt of not being present in Ukraine, and the challenges posed by her medical license not being accepted elsewhere in Europe.
Estonia March 24, 2022 Part Two: Dr. Anastasiia Shpygunova explains how many pets, including some of her former patients, who have lived their entire lives as house pets are now running on the streets of Ukraine alongside tanks.
Romanian-Ukrainian Border March 24, 2022 Dr. John Geller, Colorado veterinarian who is now stationed on the Romanian border, speaks with Dr. Steve Weinrauch from a makeshift station providing veterinary care. If you are interested in getting involved with The Street Dog Coalition, email

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100% of funds raised will be utilized to support the people and pets of Ukraine. Funds will be used to:

Reconnect pet owners with lost pets

Provide access to pet food

Obtain and send medications and pet supplies

From Trupanion

Trupanion is proud to support the people and pets of Ukraine by matching 100% of team member donations up to $100,000.00. Hear more from our leaders below.

Trupanion President Margi Tooth

Using Trupanion's brand voice to rally the pet community in support of the people and pets of Ukraine via the Paws For Ukraine campaign.

Trupanion Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Steve Weinrauch, BVMS, MRCVS

Sharing the goals of Paws For Ukraine in a conversation with Dr. Anastasiia from Kyiv, Ukraine as she shelters in Estonia.